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  • Douglas Daech

    Born near Detroit Michigan and transplanted to Tampa Florida in 1982, where he located the story called “Steeling Time”, the author now resides in Russellville, Kentucky.

    His past experience includes articles in the Tripolitan, (Journal of the Tripoli Rocket Association, June 1991) and TRASH (Tampa Regional Aero-Space Hobbyist). In 1993 and 1994 many articles were published in the Unauthorized Launch, the Tampa Tripoli High Power Rocket Club newsletter. A science fiction piece was also presented in the online magazine NTH Degree (May, 2004). Also, an award for creative nonfiction was granted in the 2007 Frank and Cellia Conley Writing Contest at Western Kentucky University

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Why Do I Write?

I grew up in the 70’s, those wonderful years when sifi television was born.  My mind was expanding just as the bionic man showed us what future technology could do.  I was curious of all things as Von Daniken showed us the tomb of Kukulcan in “Chariots of the Gods”, and that beat up old paperback “Think and Grow Rich” convinced me I could do anything.  But, it was John-Boy who lead me to write.  His smooth voice, full of 20/20 vision and confidence drew me into the Walton family.  Every week there would be a new story, I guess that’s why I’m drawn to short stories, rather than longer ones. ( Still, I loved all 10 of the Mission Earth novels)  My real family was large as well,  I was the second youngest of eight kids.  In my mind, I was the writer of the family.  Just as in the television show all of the kids went their own way.  They have become  chefs, truckers, medical workers, factory workers and more. I’m still trying to be a writer and I still thank John-boy every time I start a new project.


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  1. Wow!!! After 14 years of marriage, I’ve learned something new about you! You are such and amazing man… and a GREAT author! Keep up the good work creating and promoting your works! I love you!


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