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  • Douglas Daech

    Born near Detroit Michigan and transplanted to Tampa Florida in 1982, where he located the story called “Steeling Time”, the author now resides in Russellville, Kentucky.

    His past experience includes articles in the Tripolitan, (Journal of the Tripoli Rocket Association, June 1991) and TRASH (Tampa Regional Aero-Space Hobbyist). In 1993 and 1994 many articles were published in the Unauthorized Launch, the Tampa Tripoli High Power Rocket Club newsletter. A science fiction piece was also presented in the online magazine NTH Degree (May, 2004). Also, an award for creative nonfiction was granted in the 2007 Frank and Cellia Conley Writing Contest at Western Kentucky University

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Ghosts walk among us

People who have had near death experiences claim that they have seen loved ones welcoming them to the afterlife.   Some people say the soul never dies.  The physical being is left behind and the spirit realm is entered.  The spirit, or soul, continues after it leaves the body and joins the countless other souls on the other side, wherever that is.

It is said that the soul ascends to heaven, or possibly descends to hell.  The up or down reference is easy to understand, polar opposites that represent good or evil.  More likely though is the theory that a soul travels a distance much less.  Perhaps they only change spiritual levels.  The spirit level is most easily understood as existing on a higher frequency, invisible to the beings on the physical level.  So, it is possible that our beloveds soul live side by side with us.  We are just out of reach and out of sight from each other.  They are close, but yet so far away.


In Seedy Hills, an odd little townEric and Louanne go to the old hospital after construction workers claimed that it was haunted.  Louanne, being an experience ghost hunter, took two pieces of equipment that would assist them.  First, she took an EVP recorder. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)   This device records voices that the human ear cannot hear.  It is commonly used by ghost hunters today.  The second tool that she took to the old hospital was the EMF sensor.  Electro-magnetic disturbances have been noted to be common occurrences when ghostly encounters take place.  These gizmos reach out and read frequencies that people cannot hear or see.

A ghost may actually be a soul that travels from one realm to another, or one frequency of existence to another.  Many think that traumatic events or emotion of love or rage may affect the spirit so strongly it causes the soul’s frequency to oscillate, allowing it to exist in both realms.  This occurs in The Sexton House story contained in the E-book Seedy Hills, an odd little town.  In this account of the haunting, young Connie Gill was struck dead by lightning after an angry argument with her father.  Because of her rage at the time of her death she is cursed to haunt the old sexton house for a hundred years.

You can pre-order the E-book Seedy Hills, an odd little town at Apple, Barns & Noble and Kobo book stores online.

Seedy Cover Daech 1600x2600rez

KOBO Books  http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/seedy-hills-an-odd-little-town

Barns & Noble  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/seedy-hills-an-odd-little-town-douglas-daech/1119786702?ean=2940046016246

For Apple search “Seedy Hills” in your iTunes store.


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