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  • Douglas Daech

    Born near Detroit Michigan and transplanted to Tampa Florida in 1982, where he located the story called “Steeling Time”, the author now resides in Russellville, Kentucky.

    His past experience includes articles in the Tripolitan, (Journal of the Tripoli Rocket Association, June 1991) and TRASH (Tampa Regional Aero-Space Hobbyist). In 1993 and 1994 many articles were published in the Unauthorized Launch, the Tampa Tripoli High Power Rocket Club newsletter. A science fiction piece was also presented in the online magazine NTH Degree (May, 2004). Also, an award for creative nonfiction was granted in the 2007 Frank and Cellia Conley Writing Contest at Western Kentucky University

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A Tool for a Writer

Querytracker.com is an online writer’s tool that makes life easier.  It is a one stop shop to find agents and publishers, but it is much more. There are two versions available, one is free and can be helpful, but the premium Query Tracker option is worth the small yearly fee. It gives users the advantage to enter and track multiple projects at the same time as well as a bundle of other helpful tools.

What would a writer want in a query tracking tool?  Surly a record of who has seen what projects and when is needed. As well as some record of the agent’s response needs to be included. That is the guts of any tracker or simple database. But this site offers much more.  Query tracker includes a list of potential agents to send work. Better still, that list can be sub grouped into genres. You wouldn’t want to submit a sci-fi novel to an agent looking for romance work. In addition, the agent info page gives the writer a chance to link to the agency website to review guidelines and current needs. It also allows a place for private agent notes as well as a public comment area so writers can see what others think of that agent. Other tidbits of info on the agent are also available. What more could one ask for?

Query Tracker Premium has even more features that impress.  Besides a record of when and how a piece of work was submitted, writers can see a line-up of submissions made by other users. As those writers get responses and record that information, a writer can see where their work is placed on the timeline. This is helpful in judging if your work has been reviewed and gives a hint of the pace of that agent. It is also helpful because you can see the genres that an agent is actually reviewing, and what is being skipped.

One should remember that the reports on the site depend on the input of those using the tracker. The information is only as good as the updating made by the users. Query Tracker gives an author a good view of what is happening outside one’s own writing bubble too. Success and failures are reported, comments are made, and opinions offered. It creates a community of writers who exchange data and stay on topic.

As opposed to a home-made database system of tracking submissions, Query Tracker offers time savings because agent data is already loaded. It offers insight as to the performance of agents with the comments from other writers, something personal database systems cannot do. Writing can be a solitary life. An alliance with other authors is often welcome. Query Tracker gives a writer a glimpse of what others are doing in the writing community, without the chaos of other social media platforms. QueryTracker.com stays on task, has one job and does it well.


It’s taken a while….

    It finally came through. My ebook titled Time Travel and Dimensional Journeys is available at locations other than Smashwords. With the Primium Distribution plan that they offer, my book cover is featured and available for purchase on other retailer sites. I’v found it on Sony, Apple, Barns & Nobel and Kobo. It may not be as great as sliced bread, but I think it is pretty cool!

Last week I went to a meeting of the Clarksville Writers Group. I’ve been a member since last October. It’s a great bunch of people who share and review work with each other. There are a couple of onging projects that the group plays with. One is a continuing group project about a group of five tenants in a brownstoine apartment building. The Brownstone Five stories begin and end with the friends sitting on the front steps of their building. Each member of the group takes turns creating a story about the group. Anything goes as longas you stay true to character and end thye story back on the front steps. This type of ongoing story is much easier to work on than the other project which continues on and on, with each chapter written by a different member. It’s a great bunch of writers too. There is a nice mix of writers that do it all; poetry, true crime, drama, humor, truelife, essay, fantasy, sifi and more. There’s an editor or two in the bunch too! Here’s a high five to the writers out there who love to socialize with other writers.

Does anyone know anything about content writing? I’ve been looking into that field to earn a little additional income. I’ll let you know how it goes. Comment me if you have any suggestions.

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