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  • Douglas Daech

    Born near Detroit Michigan and transplanted to Tampa Florida in 1982, where he located the story called “Steeling Time”, the author now resides in Russellville, Kentucky.

    His past experience includes articles in the Tripolitan, (Journal of the Tripoli Rocket Association, June 1991) and TRASH (Tampa Regional Aero-Space Hobbyist). In 1993 and 1994 many articles were published in the Unauthorized Launch, the Tampa Tripoli High Power Rocket Club newsletter. A science fiction piece was also presented in the online magazine NTH Degree (May, 2004). Also, an award for creative nonfiction was granted in the 2007 Frank and Cellia Conley Writing Contest at Western Kentucky University

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Time Travel and Dimensional Journeys

book cover

Ebook released Jan 20, 2012 on smashword.com

This book includes five short stories of travel into the unknown. Based on current thinking and science theory on the edge of science fact, step into the realm science future. Adventure into the science, danger and mystery of dimensional travel with realistic characters and believable situations that lead to mysterious and perhaps startling conclusions.
In The Catcher a local animal control worker is confronted with a dangerous animal killing in the neighborhood. His investigation brings our main character face to face with a beast from the past and the time traveling animal handler that lost him in his time frame.
The Romeo Project tells the story of a university science lab experiment that goes wrong. As the dust settles, government agencies want the research to continue and paves the way for further experimentation into dimensional travel. Real characters, conflicts and emotions revolve around cutting edge science fiction.
The One That Got Away is a lighter, humorous look at a couple country friends that experience a failed inter-dimensional abduction.
Stealing Time lets the reader challenge their personal ethics as our main characters are confronted with situations that challenge theirs. Financially struggling, after creating a machine that opens a tunnel to the past, opportunities arise that could solve all there problems. What would you do?
In Bloodline a time traveler is taken into his own past and given a chance to relive his life. What changes and paths would one travel differently if given the opportunity?


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